brandon lives in New York & he is from Lakewood, Colorado / he is obsessed with nostalgia & he misses the suburbs in the abstract / he has had a good life & sometimes he fears that his luck will run out

below are various ideas he has had:

this is a magazine he created title dysphoria

as a musician and producer in new york he wanted to create something that showcased the bands and writers present in the scene

his goal was to blend post-modern design's fluidity with swiss precision to create a magazine that felt contemporary yet clean

he worked with a variety of photographers, artists, and writers and designed custom logos and layouts for their work

he utilized internet aesthetics and contemporary typefaces while maintaining a strict grid throughout

and here is the original moodboard for the project

this is a networked performance piece he created with Halim Lee using web sockets.

each audience member chose a different instrument to play on their phones or in browser

they were asked to play along to a score we developed to accompany our performance, or could opt to play what they wanted

Halim whistled, while he controlled noise with guitar

here is a website he developed for photographer Cameron Tidball-Sciullo

the design (by Jacob Truax) had many challenges: multiple overlayed high res images, a horizontal scroll, distinct sections that can be accessed, and a backend were all needed for this project

he used Kirby CMS to develop a future-proof backend that Cameron could add to at will

he created a javascript function to lazy load images in a seamless way

here is a website he developed for designer Ben Ganz

the design (by Jacob Truax) had a different set of challenges: transitional page animations, an animated 3d object, and hyper-specific directional changes when navigating

he wrote a custom script to animate the OBG 3d logo around the page to bounce off of the "walls"


he integrated Alvaro Trigo's fullpage.js to create the page transitions

here is design and promotional material from his music project, Couch Prints' album release show

the event hosted musicians, djs, and art vendors in a Ridgewood church

to promote the event he designed and wheatpasted a tripytych of event fliers around New York

he utilized reverse projection and silhouette to create a stage design that matched previous promotional materials

a custom tee shirt was made for the event in collaboration with Oracle Art Bazaar